Specialist PROGRAMs


Visual Arts

Art is a wonderful opportunity for students to express their creativity and imagination. Throughout the year, students create artworks using various art forms including; drawing, painting, printing, construction, threads and textiles, collages and modelling. Themes of work are based on the art elements and principles and students thoroughly enjoy experimenting and practising different techniques and concepts through their art.

Students amazing work is proudly displayed and showcased in the learning street, office building and classrooms before being taken home for families to enjoy.






Performing Arts

Kent Park's Performing Arts program is an engaging and exciting program which gives all students the opportunity to practise and develop their skills, express themselves and show their creative flair in a safe and fun environment.

The Performing Arts program incorporates Music, Dance and Drama. In Music students learn different musical approaches which include beat, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, singing and movement. We run an extensive instrumental program from Foundation to Grade 6 with students having the opportunity to work with a wide range of instruments including percussion, recorders, marimbas & xylophones, ukulele & keyboardsIn Dance students explore the elements of dance, skills technique and processes through the practises of choreography, performance & appreciation. A school performance, to the community, is organized to demonstrate these skills each year. In Drama students learn to think, move, speak and act with confidence. Through role-play and dramatic actions students explore, imagine and take risks to communicate ideas, experiences and stories.

Students are provided with many opportunities to perform for their peers, through class activities, assemblies and at school events. Extra Curricula programs that the school provides to support students' interests in the arts include a Junior, Middle and Senior choir, 3/4 and 5/6 Dance, Chess Club, Gymnastics and participation in a range of community events including the Fairhills Dance Competition, the Knox Festival and Kent Park's annual Christmas Concert.



Physical Education

The main aims of the Physical Education program at Kent Park are to teach the children skills and strategies to improve their performance and maintain fitness in an environment that encourages participation and enjoyment of physical activity. Our PE program lets children experience fitness, health, teamwork, skill development, setting goals and achieving their personal best through learning a range of different sports and games.

The large oval, indoor and outdoor basketball courts and multi-purpose gym provide great spaces for a wide range of sports and physical activities.

Our Physical Education program includes sports education, a perceptual motor program (PMP) for foundation students, school-based events, interschool sports and students’ participation in sports district and regional level.




Konnichiwa! All students at Kent Park Primary School study Japanese for one session a week. The aim is to stimulate the student's interest in Japanese and to make learning a foreign language a fun and interesting experience while reaping the benefits of learning an additional language.
The language program is organised through themes and topics to develop language and cultural understandings. In a typical Japanese class, students learn and practise basic language skills through engaging games, activities and songs.
Foundation to Grade 2
At the introductory level to Japanese Language, emphasis is placed on the development of listening and speaking skills. Using songs as a fun resource, students learn greetings, basic colours, numbers, animals and family members and start to exchange information using the vocabulary. Students participate in activities that begin to encourage an understanding of the Japanese culture and from Grade 1, begin to identify letters of the Japanese alphabet. 
Grades 3 to 6
Students focus on developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Children participate in activities that encourage an understanding of Japanese culture. The Japanese Language program provides opportunities for students to exchange information and ideas based on the theme or topic. Students learn to identify and trace, then independently write a selected range of Hiragana alphabet characters. This is achieved through active participation in games and songs as well as written and verbal tasks.
Students in all year levels hear about opportunities to participate in events beyond the classroom. Children have enjoyed attending the Melbourne Japanese Festival with their families, students have received medals for their wonderful calligraphy in the annual Victorian Japanese Calligraphy Contest and two students have been selected to represent Kent Park and Australia at the Asia Pacific Children’s Convention in Japan. 
Children can access the Kent Park Japanese website using the following link;