At Kent Park Primary School parents and school staff are strong partners in the children's education. We encourage all parents and guardians to be involved as active community members, to include helping in the classroom, canteen and on excursions. By interacting with the school and wider community parents gain a firsthand understanding of how our school operates and the rhythm of school life. Parents participating in school community activities build on their skills and confidence, develop friendships and work collaboratively with others interested in supporting the school. These hardworking and enthusiastic parents support a range of events throughout the year that help raise community funds to enhance our school resources, operations and facilities, to include

  • Whole school community projects such as vegetable gardens
  • Air conditioners in classrooms
  • Soft fall mulch for the playgrounds
  • Playground equipment and classroom resources


The students continue to benefit significantly from the involvement of their parents. We appreciate the tireless efforts and dedication in assisting and supporting a variety of special activities to include special annual events such as Father’s and Mother’s Days stalls, Footy Day lunches and the Year 6 Graduation Dinner.
We look forward to the ongoing support from parents in our school community in a range of capacities to ensure that our partnership continues to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.