Our Values

The school’s ongoing commitment to providing a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment for all students supports the development  of each child by providing high quality and diverse learning opportunities. A significant emphasis continues to be placed on the development of the whole child through the provision of a differentiated curriculum with an explicit focus on Literacy and Numeracy from Foundation to Year 6. We share a strong commitment to, and a responsibility for, ensuring a safe, empowering and nurturing learning environment for our students.
Building positive relationships is strengthened by our school community values of Mutual Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Honesty/Integrity and Caring/Empathy  and enables our students to be curious, resilient, resourceful and reflective learners.

 Mutual Respect

  • We treat others equally and fairly.
  • We speak politely to and treat other people, as we like to be treated.
  • We listen carefully.
  • We listen to the ideas of others and we cooperate in groups.
  • We discuss and decide on the class Code of Conduct.
  • We consider the feelings of others and respect their right to have their say.
  • We talk to each other and try to resolve problems in a fair, sensible and calm manner.
  • We care for the environment.
  • We practise recycling
  • We care for people, places and things.



  • We use a positive attitude to bounce back quickly from upsetting situations.
  • We learn from our mistakes.
  • We approach all challenges with a positive mindset.
  • We strive to achieve our personal best.


  • We actively join in all class and school activities.
  • We allow others to learn in a positive environment.
  • We take risks and use initiative to improve our learning.
  • We learn about learning, its importance and how we learn.
  • We strive for our personal best.
  • We work with enthusiasm.
  • We are punctual and prepared for class.
  • We complete our home tasks on time.
  • We look after our own and other people’s property.
  • We are Sunsmart.
  • We are responsible for our own behaviour.
  • We practise cooperation.
  • We think for ourselves and encourage others to do the same.






  • We are honest, reliable, understanding and compassionate.
  • We practise being truthful.
  • We trust our classmates and teachers and respect their contributions.
  • We accept the consequences for our behaviour.
  • We are good role models for other children.
  • We are loyal to our friends.
  • We represent our school with pride.
  • We practise honesty and fairness in games and sporting activities.



  • We value and appreciate the strengths and skills of others.
  • We encourage others in a positive manner.
  • We help other children in need, especially those who are unhappy or by themselves.
  • We behave in a manner that does not physically or emotionally threaten or endanger anyone.
  • We include others in our work and games.