Junior School Council

Junior School Council is a student group consisting of Grade 5 and 6 students, that represent and act as a voice for the students at Kent Park Primary School.
The JSC meets regularly to discuss and plan for upcoming events, share ideas for the school and represent their peers. Throughout the year, JSC representatives have organised our Pyjama Day and introduced our school drop in room for parents and members of the school community.
Junior School Council is a special leadership opportunity that students take great pride in. JSC representatives are able to take on the challenge of student leadership and make a big difference to the school community.

Back Row: Jayden, Lucas, Trisha, Hayley, Ty, Erica, Chelsea
Middle Row: Kavan, Mitchell, Ranki, Fogut, Grace, Lucy
Front Row: Kylie, Liana, Ben, Saraya, Ji-Min, Sophie