The Preschool /Prep Transition Program

It is important for pre-school children to attend the transition program for a number of reasons as outlined below -

  • To provide them with opportunities to feel comfortable in their new environment – the classroom, the playground, toilets and the whole school environment.
  • To give them the opportunity to meet the teachers they will work with in the future.
  • To give them the opportunity to meet other pre-school children and form friendships.
  • For parents to have the opportunity to meet the teachers and other parents.

To obtain more information relating to our transition program and starting Prep in 2017 you can download the Prep Beginning School Book here   Alternatively you can drop into our office, or contact us via phone (03) 9763 8055 or email kent.park.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au . 

We appreciate where possible, that enrolments are finalised by July 1st. It is vitally important for schools to know their Prep numbers for the year ahead to assist with planning for teacher and class allocation.

Helping You Enrol Your Child at Kent Park Primary School

To enrol your child at Kent Park Primary School an enrolment pack is available from the office. To obtain an enrolment pack you can drop into our office, or contact us via phone (03) 9763 8055 or email kent.park.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au . Alternatively the enrolment form can be downloaded here .

When completing the enrolment form we will also need you to provide the following:

  1. A copy of your child's Birth Certificate
  2. Immunisation Status Certificate
  3. Specific custody arrangements if applicable (copies of court orders are required) 
  4. Parent/Guardian Agreement – Internet Usage Form
  5. Student Agreement –Internet Usage Form
  6. Emergency Evacuation Authorisation Form
  7. Enduring Permission for Publication of Student Photographs Letter
  8. Student Enrolment Information Sheet
  9. Student Enrolment Form Card completed to include
  • Names and addresses of the child and parents, guardians or carers
  • Parent's phone numbers (home, work, mobile) and email address
  • Names and contact details of emergency contacts
  • Preschool details
  • Doctor's name and contact details
  • Health and welfare information - for example, does your child have asthma, diabetes, allergies, poor eyesight or hearing problems?
  • Information about the language(s) your child speaks or can understand (to help the school build on your child's knowledge) 

Please complete the forms and return them to the office by June 23rd, 2017.   On receipt of these forms you will be contacted in due course regarding Transition dates, Uniform, Parent Contribution Requirement rates, Parent Information sessions and starting dates.

Please find attached the DET designated neighbourhood boundary (DBA) should enrolments exceed capacity in the future here